03 Jul, 2023

Life outside planet Earth

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I got this question in my mail- and it made me curious/ excited that I should write about it. These are tiny yet huge signs that there is a God and everything is ok! :-)

So the questions was; Do we know if there is any life outside of earth's solar system that can communicate with us?

Well, quick answer is, there is a God. And everything we read in Quran is real. Ibrahim as, Jesus as, Muhammad PBUH, are all real. Easiest way to understand about the life outside this planet is- read life of any of the prophets mentioned in the Quran.

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I am still writing about the reality outside earth because I love to write my emotions & I love to preach truth. I love to show the right kind of human behaviours. And I know that my family is crazy- worried about my safety. Guys trust Allah, He keeps us all safe. No one dies without His permission. I am here, One Phone Call away.

Let's do Science first

You know the sound we hear in our ears. The car horn, or the Spotify music, is real only because there is this magical- sequence of things; sound wave, air, ear- drums and the source of sound.

You must have heard about Beyonce force. Ships float on water irrespective of their weight, size and dimensions. The countering force from below- when is greater from the force from up, the object floats.

I am not going narrow- and deep into science. Because I want to stay focused on the question.

The magic of miracles

The compression and expansion of molecules that make sound travel over air. The pressure difference on our oceans that make the ships float. The compression of air below a plane’s wings, that makes it fly above us. The press of button to write this article, is un- real magic. Believe me, it is not the transistors, it is the light that is the magic.

Here I would like to refer to Quran.

If all your water were to disappear from the earth, who then could bring you gushing water?
— Surah Mulk · Last Ayat

Honestly, Allah swt is real.

What is a brand?

A brand is a set of rules, that we humans follow. Yeah, it is the rules that keep us humans. Subtract rules, and you get good english with lengthy lectures.

First example of a great brand is Apple. Apple takes its due share of time before going public. It is always last to release that- wonder piece of tech. But it tries its best to be correct 100% of the time. Yeah it is a dangerous move. It does take Apple to spend a lot of money, but it helps them every- time. And people love Apple for their efforts.

2nd example of a great brand is Islam. It spread like fire 🔥. It did not break bones and bleed blood to spread. Islam took the path of winning-hearts-and-minds to envelope the entire planet. It never was a source of violence. It has always been all about love, freedom and courage. It is instinctively based on- Assume Positive Intent. The formula of Islam never fails. Yeah, it works every time.

That does not mean Islam as a brand won’t spill blood. People died defending it. And the world continues to work for this sole reason, people are still willing to bleed blood to defend it. When goodness is attacked, the religion brand comes into play and defends goodness till its last breath.

One book I recommend to my friends is “Sword of Allah” by Gen A.I. Akram. It made me cry a number of times. And it is my super favourite book.

I am ending the answer to question here. And giving you a formula to perform in the modern times of AI- ruled world.

Ask Questions!

Please speak up. Please ask questions. Please stay in communication. Please decide and opt your chances basing on the data- points.

Did you finish your Masters? Did you complete your previous job? Did you connect back to the parents of your ex- wife? Did you quit smoking and start VELO nicotine pouches? Did you repair what you damaged in the past?

If you ask a man, me for example, I have a simple answer to these questions, “YES, I tried my best to heal all the wounds- that were worth the war”. 🌹

And looking at my family and their in-take of social media, I want to say to you guys..

When they don’t like my post, it doesn’t mean they disliked my article. It doesn’t mean I write bad. It doesn’t mean I lack sense. It doesn’t mean I am a mental- health.

It means they want me safe. They want me happy. They want me rich.

It means they fear my failure. It means they want me ok, fun, big and in my best- performance tone.

Comments are welcome. I paste them below this article. You can ask any questions that come to your mind.


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