29 Jul, 2023

Love them for they are the blessing

Love Forgiveness Joy Faith

This short post is a tribute to all my friends, ex colleagues, my family members and above all my wife who is with me through thick and thin.

You know when we are down, we go selfish and all angry at minor stupid things. We go crazy in our heads. And we think world starts and ends with us. We be selfish and ruin every minor opportunity that knocks at our doors. We do career suicides. And we burn all our boats.

In those crazy times, some people chose to stand beside us. We push them away from ourselves out of stupid selfishness. But they decide to be there no matter what you do to them.

They are friends, they are family and they are ones who we live for. They be the reason of you being there with them.

Do not ever go crazy at them again, if you have realised this blessing, do not ever push it away from yourself. Do not ever hurt the heart, that melts for you. Do not show anger and frustration to them. Love them, for they are the blessing.


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