12 Jul, 2023

When we retire we are still young

Retirement Happiness Carelessness

I wrote this article once I was serving in Pakistan Army. Guys, I miss you a lot. Yeah, I miss you crazy- a lot. ❤️

Today I asked a visiting friend in office, what is it that keeps us busy? What is it we want to achieve? Why do we feel like there is a void and we have to do something- to fill it? How do we make ourselves go silent in our heads?

My little- quick reply is; Yeah try going silent in your head. It never happens.

Throwing ideas to dustbin. Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

Field on the other side is green!

Maybe, we are pressing against a wall and have a wrong assumption. We let our fears take over our tiny bits of decisions. The side on the other- side of the wall is green, but our fears are stopping us from taking that leap of faith.

The field on the other side is mostly green. Tasks after you jump are mostly easier and provides us a room to operate. Freedom, my friend, is on the other side of the wall.

We all are putting an effort to find better kinds of fun- work. We all are trying everyday to make more money. We all are doing extra- to make sure our relationships grow stronger.

But do we ask ourselves, may be the effort is not required. May be silence is required. May be some alone time is required. May be watching a movie, or going to Cinema on our own is required. I am listening to this music on Spotify to let things work out on their own.

The Job Thing (what happens at our workplace)

Today, I have a job. I know those extra hours are not worth the effort. I go all out, to convince my boss; consider me for the promotion. I eat extra dessert to let my fellow feel good. I do everything in my capacity that my colleagues accept me. And sadly, it still doesn’t work out. Boss is still angry at me for rejecting the flow- chart task. Boss, is not happy with me. And I am sad, what could I had done differently.

This is a situation that every human being on planet earth is going through every day. Every job you do, every contract you make, comes with a cost on your freedom. Money making is hard. It takes guts and a lot of courage.

And kuddos to you for still making money. 👍

The retirement times

We retire one day. Sit alone on our balcony. Look at the youth walking past us, careless- carefree. We tell ourselves, yeah, my youth was the same. I really lived a life worth living.

We do the job or not, we still retire. We still sit on the balcony at our old age. We still cherish old memories. We still think of those dining room fights. We smile at our ugly mistakes. And we say to ourselves, yeah, my life was worth a try.

Whatever road we take, we are still happy at our old age. We are a young kid who cries over small issues, when we are old.


Friends, & Family, I love you all. Right now, I am busy a bit that is why, you are finding it hard to reach me a bit. I am trying my best, to make the ends meet. That is taking a little toll on me. Forgive me for the bad things I say here and there.

Jay Shetty said, “let go, grow and give”. I am that young mistake- making kid. I am at the stage “let go”. I believe, you also might “let go” my tiny mistakes. So we can grow together. So we can give ourside of the goodness to this mother- earth.


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